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Sunday School

Young or young-at-heart, we have a class for you and every member of your family! Enrich your faith and deepen your understanding by attending one of our classes. 


Age: No age limit, ALL are welcome!

Location: Fellowship Hall

Time: 9:30 AM

The Seekers aim to help each other become more skilled in identifying and listening to God's calling. Our class welcomes a more interpretive approach to studying God's word, and welcomes Christian conversation and discussion while studying scripture. Members are encouraged to, when called, lead a Sunday School lesson on their hearts. If you are seeking a deeper spiritual relationship and grow through encouragement from your brothers and sisters in Christ, this may be the class for you. 


Age: 18 and up

Location: Youth House

Time: 9:30 AM (if you are late, you are STILL welcome!)

Connections to Christ, Connections to the Bible, Connections to each other. We have created a laid-back atmosphere for post-high school grads to study the Bible over coffee and donuts. Bring a friend, significant other, or yourself and enjoy the no-pressure, stress-free zone as we grow with God and each other.


Age: Kindergarten through fifth grade

Time: 9:45 AM 

We start with singing the Lord's praises, then a lesson about the Lord's Good Word! Nursery is available from 11 - 12!

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